Dr. Johann Schlamp

Research Associate
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Johann Schlamp is a guest scientist at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). He studied computer science with a minor in mathematics and received his Dipl.-Inf. (M.Sc.) from TUM in 2009. Since then, he has been working as a research associate at the Chair of Network Architectures and Services. He graduated with the degree of Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.) at TUM in 2016. In his thesis, he conducted an evaluation of architectural threats to Internet routing. Johann's research interests lie with interdomain routing, Internet protocols, and network measurements.


Supervised Theses


Author Title Type Advisors Links
Thomas Mauerer A multi-tenant and privacy-preserving information processing system BA Dr. Holger Kinkelin, Marcel von Maltitz, Johann Schlamp Pdf
Lawrence Krug A system for giving practical advice for energy saving based on sensor information BA Dr. Holger Kinkelin, Marcel von Maltitz, Johann Schlamp Pdf
Stefan Fochler Optimization of Quality Criteria by using Overlay Networks in the Internet BA Stephan-A. Posselt, Johann Schlamp, Nadine Herold Pdf
Thomas Kuehner Mobile Device Localization - A Provider’s Perspective MA Quirin Scheitle, Johann Schlamp Pdf
Arved Baus A Feedback System for Smart Buildings BA Dr. Holger Kinkelin, Marcel von Maltitz, Johann Schlamp Pdf
Fabian Raab Modeling and Analysis of BGP Community Attributes BA Oliver Gasser, Johann Schlamp
Tim Schmidt Detecting Abuse of Abandoned Internet Resources BA Johann Schlamp, Quirin Scheitle
Jan Seeger A scientific workbench with unified access to measurement data MA Ralph Holz, Johann Schlamp
Leonhard Rabel Measurement-Based Analysis of Public Peering at Internet Exchange Points MA Johann Schlamp
Mathieu Airault Design and implementation of a scientific game based on mobile network measurements GR Johann Schlamp
Oliver Feldmann Crowd-based Weak Point Analysis of Cellular Network Coverage MA Johann Schlamp
Daniel Kraffner Added value for mobile users based on crowd intelligence data collected with MeasrDroid BA Johann Schlamp
Michael Faath Analysis of content delivery networks with an Android-based measurement framework MA Johann Schlamp
Friederike Thun Measuring asymmetric Internet paths MA Johann Schlamp, Stephan Günther
Dhyan Blum An analysis of the mobile Internet based on Android measurement nodes BA Johann Schlamp
Johannes Naab Scannning and Evaluating DNS Deployments in the Internet MA Oliver Gasser, Ralph Holz, Johann Schlamp
Sebastian Scheibner Active Detection of IP Prefix Hijacking BA Johann Schlamp
Thomas Pieronczyk Visual Analysis of Anonymized Wifi Data MA Johann Schlamp
Benjamin Braun Measurement-based Analysis of Wired and Mobile Internet Topologies BA Johann Schlamp
Christian Eckert An Early Warning System for AS Hijacking MA Johann Schlamp
Timo Lamprecht Visual analysis of anonymized location and movement data BA Johann Schlamp
Christian Meindl An analysis framework for cellular networks based on user-assisted measurements of the MeasrDroid infrastructure BA Johann Schlamp
Florian Wohlfart Topology-based Traversal of Large Scale NATs MA Andreas Müller, Johann Schlamp
Quirin Scheitle Active Detection of BGP Prefix Hijacking DA Johann Schlamp
Patrick de Boer An early warning system for BGP hijacking attacks MA Johann Schlamp
Axel Gerster MeasrDroid: Improving the user experience in cellular networks based on the evaluation of large-scale measurements on Android devices DA Johann Schlamp
Mathias Helminger Interactive visualization of global routing dynamics BA Johann Schlamp
Sebastian Rampfl Analysis and visualization of BGP routing dynamcics BA Johann Schlamp
Christian Ruppert Reducing visual complexity of graphs with edge bundling BA Johann Schlamp
Lukas Schwaighofer Building resilient network services using IP anycast MA Johann Schlamp, Ali Fessi
Simon Wagner User-assisted analysis of cellular network structures BA Johann Schlamp
Michael Gielesberger Measurement-based strategies for discovering active Internet hosts BA Johann Schlamp
Benjamin Hof Optimization techniques for large-scale traceroute measurements MA Johann Schlamp
Andreas Flaig Interactive visualization of network topologies BA Johann Schlamp, Dirk Haage
Stephan Günther A formal model for constraint-based IP geolocation MA Johann Schlamp, Dirk Haage
Florian Hartmann Design and implementation of a web application for visualizing Internet routes BA Johann Schlamp, Dirk Haage


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2015-04-01 Johann Schlamp, Josef Gustafsson, Matthias Waehlisch, Thomas C. Schmidt, Georg Carle, “The Abandoned Side of the Internet: Hijacking Internet Resources When Domain Names Expire,” in Proc. 7th Int. Workshop on Traffic Monitoring and Analysis, Barcelona, Spain, Apr. 2015. [Bib]
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