A selection of the chair's projects

This list shows the currently running and typically publically funded projects of our chair. These projects are typically carried out in cooperation with other research institutes and companies.

Model-based Analysis of Next-Generation Networks

ModANet covers various methods for performance analysis, e.g. resource-based models, models based on Network Calculus, and simulations. A framework for model evaluationis created, which allows for automated determination of the quality and scope of models. Calibration and evaluation of the analyzed models use machine learning techniques.

Vertrauenswürdige IT für autonomes Fahren (Trustworthy IT for Autonomous Driving)

The vehicle of the future is a internally and externally highly networked computer system. Based on a plethora of sensor data, which are evaluated by complex algorithms, the car is able to temporarily take corrective actions or to drive autonomously for a longer period of time. The safety of an autonomous car now depends on the trustworthiness of the data collected by sensors. The protection of this sensor data is the aim of the VITAF project.

TUM Secure Email and User Certification

Earlier Projects