Network Security


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  • Mo 12:00-14:00 (CT), Interims HS 2
  • Di 14:00-16:00 (CT), Interims HS 2
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This lecture is an introduction to the field of network security and its fundamental topics like cryptographic operations, threats, and security goals. This knowledge is used further as a starting point and requirements for the design of secure networks. Modern security protocols in modern network protocols and architectures are presented as well as vulnerabilities in existing systems.




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There will be programming assignments. We suggest that you are already familiar with Python 3. Recommended reading: Python 3 Tutorial

Exercises will be posted on Moodle.


Chapter Date of Last Change Link Changelog
0 Course Organization 2019-10-16 00_Formalities.pdf  
1 Introduction 2019-10-17 01_Intro.pdf  
2 LangSec 2019-10-22 02_langsec.pdf  
3 TCP Attacks 2019-10-22 03_TCPAttacks.pdf  
4 Middleboxes 2019-10-28 04_Middleboxes.pdf  
5 Symmetric Crypto 2019-11-05 05_Symmetric_Crypto.pdfHO Correction on CBC error propagation, slide 5-36
6 Hash and MAC 2019-11-26 06_hash_functions.pdfHO Clarification on slide 6-8
7 Random Numbers 2019-11-12 07_random.pdfHO Clarifications, minor additions
8 Asymmetric Crypto 2020-02-13 08_asymmetric_crypto.pdf (no HO) Correction of Dec function on slide 8-7, replaced h(m) with sigma on 8-12
9 Secure Channels 2019-11-24 09_secure_channels.pdfHO Some clarifications on AEAD
10 Public Key Infrastructures 2019-12-02 10_pki.pdfHO Adding Pt. 2 / Pt. 3
11 Cryptographic Protocols 2019-12-11 11_cryptoprot.pdfHO Adding Pt. 2; Fixing ambiguous info on 11-43, improved notation of AUTH/VERIFY on 11-48
12 IPSec 2019-12-16 12_ipsec.pdfHO  
13 Kerberos 2020-01-03 13_kerberosHO  
14 Websecurity 2020-01-13 14_websecHO  
15 Privacy 2020-01-20 15_privacyHO Added second half of lecture

Note: "HO" denotes the handout version of an animated slide set we use in the lecture. HO versions are printer-friendly but might contain small glitches (mostly in the layout) due to the animation to handout conversion. For this reason, both versions are provided.


  • Mode: Written exam, 75 Minutes.
  • Allowed tools: an analog dictionary English <-> Other Language without any remarks
  • 20.02.2020
  • 08:00 - 09:15

Room Assignment

  • Candidates with extended work time to compensate some sort of disability during the examination ("Nachteilsausgleich") go to meeting room 03.05.033 (FMI building).
  • Candidates with last names A - S go to MW0001 (Gustav-Niemann-Hörsaal, mechanical engineering building).
  • Candidates with last names T - Z go to MW1801 (Ernst-Schmidt-Hörsaal, mechanical engineering building)


  • Mode: In-person, written examination, 75 Minutes.
  • Allowed tools: an analog dictionary English <-> Other Language without any remarks
  • Monday, 29.06.2020
  • 11:15 - 12:30
  • Audimax -- Note: this is a room in the "Neubau Innenhof (Wienandsbau)" on the TUM main site (Stammgelände).
  • MI HS 1 (Friedrich L. Bauer Hörsaal), Boltzmannstr. 3, Garching
  • In-person examinations at TUM during the CoViD-19 pandemic