Selected Topics in Distributed Systems, Computer Networks, and Security


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Fundamentals of cryptographic protocols for distributed systems

  • Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, key agreement

Introduction of cryptographic protocols for distributed systems

  • Fundamentals of Zero Knowledge Proofs
  • Trusted Execution Environments
  • Threshold Cryptography
  • Secure Multi-Party Computation
  • Zero Knowledge Advanced

Background information on elliptic curves, arithmetization, commitment schemes

  • SNARK basic and their schemes
  • Universal SNARKs - PlonK
  • SNARK Constructions
  • SNARK Performance and Applications
  • Secure Multi-Party Computation

Fundamental primitives such as Shamir's secret sharing, homomorphic encryption, Garbled Circuits

  • Threshold cryptography scenarios
  • Trusted Execution Environments

Trust model and assumptions

  • Process and VM based solutions
  • Used building blocks
  • Performance and use-cases


Recommended subjects:

  • Introduction to Computer Networking and Distributed Systems (IN0010)
  • Blockchain-based Systems Engineering (IN2359)
  • Network Security or IT Security (IN2101)
  • Discrete Structures (IN0015)
  • Discrete Probability Theory (IN0018)

Lecture Material and Information

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