Interface to the Routing System


I2RS facilitates real-time or event driven interaction with the routing system through a collection of protocol-based control or management interfaces.

I2RS proposes to solve the problem stated by RFC 7920:

  • Modern networks continue to grow in scale and complexity
  • They benefit from rapid control and analysis functions to support complex and dynamic policies
  • Relevant requirements for current and future networks may not be addressed with today’s networking solutions
  • Need to access and control information in the different vendors' routing systems
  • Apply real-time changes to networks

I2RS provides the basis for the following real-time functions:

  • Network topology learning
  • Network analytics
  • Network state monitoring
  • Routing information modification and creation

I2RS re-uses existing protocols, expands them if necessary:

  • Uses YANG models

I2RS is Data-Model Driven:

  • Designed to facilitate rapid, isolated, secure, and dynamic changes to the routing system
  • YANG Data model rather than CLI becomes common unit


I2RS @ Quagga: I2RS Code from IETF Hackathon.

I2RS @ OpenDayLight: Bachelor Thesis from Daniel Kowatsch.

Finished student theses

Author Title Type Advisors Year Links
Kerem Saka Implementing I2RS for Quagga BA Edwin Cordeiro 2016
Daniel Kowatsch Implementing and analysing I2RS in a SDN BA Edwin Cordeiro 2016