Interface to the Routing System


I2RS facilitates real-time or event driven interaction with the routing system through a collection of protocol-based control or management interfaces.

I2RS proposes to solve the problem stated by RFC 7920:

  • Modern networks continue to grow in scale and complexity
  • They benefit from rapid control and analysis functions to support complex and dynamic policies
  • Relevant requirements for current and future networks may not be addressed with today’s networking solutions
  • Need to access and control information in the different vendors' routing systems
  • Apply real-time changes to networks

I2RS provides the basis for the following real-time functions:

  • Network topology learning
  • Network analytics
  • Network state monitoring
  • Routing information modification and creation

I2RS re-uses existing protocols, expands them if necessary:

  • Uses YANG models

I2RS is Data-Model Driven:

  • Designed to facilitate rapid, isolated, secure, and dynamic changes to the routing system
  • YANG Data model rather than CLI becomes common unit


I2RS @ Quagga: I2RS Code from IETF Hackathon.

I2RS @ OpenDayLight: Bachelor Thesis from Daniel Kowatsch.

Finished student theses

Author Title Type Advisors Year Links
Daniel Kowatsch Implementing and analysing I2RS in a SDN BA Edwin Cordeiro 2016 Pdf

Open and running student theses

Author Title Type Advisors Year Links
Kerem Saka Implementing I2RS for Quagga BA Edwin Cordeiro 2016 Pdf
offen I2RS - Interface to the Rounting System BA, MA, GR Edwin Cordeiro 2015 Pdf