Multimedia Conferencing


Computer Networks and Internet, University of Tuebingen

Team Leader:

Dr. Falko Dressler

Staff Members:

Heiko Niedermeier
Leo Petrak


Michael Büttner
Thilo Ewald
Sebastian Loch
Friedrich Meißner
Alexander Rosenstiel

Project Time:

01.10.2003 -



IP Telephony and Multimedia Communication is a project at the chair for Computer Networks and Internet. The focus in this project is twofold. First, we are looking for new technologies in the area of multimedia communication and try to install and test new services and applications. We have several master’s theses and student projects on such issues which focus on the evaluation or implementation of new designs. Secondly, we use the installed infrastructure for communications with research partners and others. Since we try to adopt new technology as fast as possible into out testbed, we are able to run software and hardware supporting all the required standards.
In summary it can be said that the installed infrastructure together with ongoing research work gives us the opportunity to tidily follow the emerging trends in this sector.

Research Focus:

Wireless Communication

  • Wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth

Secured Communication

  • Encryption (Student projects on PGPfone, VOVIDA)
  • Authorization, Authentication, Accounting


Computer Networks and Internet

  • H.323 Gatekeeper
  • H.323 Conferencing Server (MCU, Multipoint Conferencing Unit)
  • ISDN Gateway
  • SIP-H.323-Gateway

DFN (German Research Network)

  • Gatekeeper, MCU, ISDN-Gateway

ZDV (University Computing Center)

  • Gatekeeper, ISDN-Gateway


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