Network Laboratoy - NetLab


Computer Networks and Internet, University of Tuebingen
Network Architectures and Services, Technische Universität München

Team Leader:

Prof. Dr. Georg Carle

Staff Members:

Lothar Braun
Gerhard Münz

Former Contributors:

Raimondas Sasnauskas
Dr. Falko Dressler

Project Start:




The purpose of this project is to develop a flexible testing environment for networking experiments such as functional and performance test of prototype implementations, traffic generation and network measurements, security evaluations.

The Netlab testbed provides a dynamically linked network environment where different network scenarios can be realized. The network configuration is done using VLAN technology on an Ethernet switch. The main area of applications is focused on network monitoring (flow accounting and packet sampling), traffic analysis (accounting, attack and intrusion detection, and traceback) and experimental environment (traffic generation, simulation, and automated testbed setup).

The Netlab testbed was extensively used during the integration and evaluation phase and in the final demonstrator of the DIADEM Firewall project. The History project has been using the testbed for functional tests and performance evaluations of the developed software components. The testbed is frequently accessed by students and staff members for various testing and evaluation purposes.