Stefan Liebald, M. Sc.

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  • Smart Space Orchestration
  • Distributed Systems
  • Teaching


  • DecADe: Decentralized Anomaly Detection (2016 – 2019)


I'm involved in a multitude of teaching activities taking place at the chair. You can find a brief summary below:

Lab Course iLab2

  • The iLab2 is a practical lab course covering selected network topics including IPv6, BGP, IoT Soft-/Hardware, WWW-Security, advanced wlan.
    • Students can do hands-on network experiments in our designated lab room where they have access to the required hardware.
    • In addition participants create their own small course module about a selected network topic using the same environment.
  • Roles: Organization, Lecturer
  • Semesters: WS2016/17, SS2017, WS2017/18, S2018, WS2018/19

Globally available Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) iLabX

  • The iLabX is designed as Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about the basics of networking, which is globally available for free on edX:
  • A key feature of the iLabX is that relevant networking information is not only taught by video or text, but can be directly experienced as hands-on during the course.
    • For this purpuse we developed the vLab, which allows participants to run network experiments in a network emulator on their own computer.
    • This brings the lab courses we already have (iLab1/2) to a much broader audience, as it removes the requirement of having multiple PCs, routers and other components usually required to form a network.
  • Roles: Organization, Lecturer, Course Creation

iLabX Block Course at TUM

  • The iLabX can also be taken as block course at TUM at the end of each semester. The block course consists of the digital MOOC part and selected exercises from the iLab1 and iLab2 in the physical lab environment at the chair.
  • Roles: Organization, Lecturer, Course Creation
  • Semesters: SS2018, WS2018/19


  • Organisation of the Proseminar Network Hacking in WS2016/17, WS2017/18
  • Supervision of various topics in the "Future Internet (FI)" and "Innovative Internet Technologies and Monile Communications (IITM)" seminars since 2016.

Activities before I started as Research Associate at the chair:

Lab Course iLab1

  • Before starting at the chair I was involved as tutor for the practical lab course iLab1 for four semesters.
  • Semesters: WS2013/14, SS2014, WS2014/15, SS2015

Network Security Lecture

  • Before starting at the chair I was involved as tutor for the Network Security lecture
  • Semesters: WS2013/14, WS2014/15

About Me

Stefan Liebald was a scientific staff member and lecturer at the Chair of Network Architectures and Services at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) from 2016-2019.

He received his Master degree in Informatics from TUM in February 2016. His main area of interest was in Internet of Things and Smart Space research. His work was mainly focused on Smart Space Orchestration using a distributed, software oriented architecture.

Another area of interest was teaching. He was advising a practical networking course (the iLab) held at TUM for over 4 years. Furthermore he was part of a team creating a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) aimed at teaching computer network fundamentals using practical exercises in a virtual elearning environment (iLabX - The Internet Masterclass, available on


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