Open Master's Theses

Title Type Advisors Links
TUMexam – Statistische Analysen BA, MA, IDP, GR, HiWi Dr.-Ing. Stephan Günther, Maurice Leclaire, Johannes Naab Pdf
Discerning of TCP Congestion Control Algorithms in an Emulated Environment MA, BA, GR Dominik Scholz, Fabien Geyer, Minoo Rouhi Pdf
Designing a Multipath Overlay BA, MA Heiko Niedermayer Pdf
Description and Processing of Security Policies MA Johannes Naab, Lukas Schwaighofer, Manfred Schäfer, Christian Banse Pdf
Scanning for TCP SYN Proxy Implementations BA, MA Dominik Scholz, Quirin Scheitle Pdf
A First Look at DNS over HTTPS BA, MA, GR Quirin Scheitle, Johannes Naab Pdf
Performance Guarantees for Wireless Links: Validation using Measurements BA, MA, GR Dr. Fabien Geyer Pdf
Distributed Detection of SomeIP Anomalies MA Dr. Holger Kinkelin, Stefan Liebald, Marcel von Maltitz Pdf
Machine Learning on Communication Data BA, MA Heiko Niedermayer, Daniel Raumer Pdf
Analysis of and Mining in Mailing Lists MA, BA Daniel Raumer, Heiko Niedermayer Pdf
A symbolic Fourier-Motzkin Solver MA, GR Maurice Leclaire Pdf
P4: Programming Protocol Independent Packet Processing BA, MA, IDP, GR Sebastian Gallenmüller, Dominik Scholz, Fabien Geyer Pdf
Certificate Monitoring BA, MA Heiko Niedermayer, Sree Harsha Totakura Pdf
Formal Modeling of IoT Smart Spaces MA Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
Tracking Bracelets vs. Privacy MA Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
Privacy-Aware Access Control for the IoT MA Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
One Middleware to Rule them All MA Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
Detailed Performance Measurements of the VSL P2P System MA Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
Route Monitoring to Detect Anomalies On Your Connection BA, MA Heiko Niedermayer, Sree Harsha Totakura Pdf
Analyzing the Value of Network Monitoring Information MA Daniel Raumer, Dr. David Hock Pdf
Realization of IoT Smart Space Use Cases – What is possible today? MA Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
Reproducible Wireless Experiments MA Maurice Leclaire, Stephan M. Günther Pdf
Self-Learning Firewall for Smart Spaces (MA) MA Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
Peer-to-Peer Synchronization Mechanisms (BA) MA Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
IoT Smart Space Service Management MA Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
Data Replication Mechanisms for Smart Spaces (MA) MA Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
Automated Detection of Significant Spots in Test Result Data MA Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
Advanced Flow Functions for Traffic Anomaly Detection IDP, MA Oliver Gasser, Johannes Naab Pdf
Collecting Flow Data at High Rates MA, IDP Oliver Gasser Pdf
A Way-Back Code Analysis Machine MA Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
eLearning Statistic Modules MA, BA, IDP Marc-Oliver Pahl Pdf
Comparing IPv4 and IPv6 Paths in the Internet MA Quirin Scheitle, Oliver Gasser, Minoo Rouhi Vejdani Pdf
Leveraging extended flow data for botnet detection MA, IDP Oliver Gasser, Johannes Naab Pdf
I2RS - Interface to the Rounting System BA, MA, GR Edwin Cordeiro Pdf
Packet Processing with Lua BA, MA, IDP, HiWi, GR, GP Paul Emmerich, Sebastian Gallenmüller Pdf