Seminar Information

The seminar places will be allocated using the faculty wide matching system. More information can be found on the following pages:

The pre-course meeting (for both seminar courses) takes place on Friday, 2.2.2024 14:00 in room 03.07.023.

Time and place for the pre-course meeting will be announced here in the next days. Students who attend the pre-course meeting will receive a higher preference in the matching system by us. We will make the slides available on the website after the event.

Slides from the info meeting


The seminar grade consists of three parts:

  • Paper: you will write a scientific paper (4 pages IEEE two columns style)
  • Talk: you will present your findings in a scientific talk to your fellow seminar participants
  • Review: you will review two other seminar papers and give feedback to the authors

Learning Goals

  • Learn to conduct a scientific (literature) research on an individual and recent topic.
  • Get used to searching in digital libraries
  • Learn to write a paper in LaTeX with a given template
  • Document your progress in a provided Git repository
  • Follow the rules of good scientific practice
  • Prepare your slides using beamerlatex
  • Convert your topic into an interesting talk
  • Like in real conferences we do a peer review among all participants
  • Learn from your and others' mistakes

Both seminar courses are open to English speakers. Seminar topics are advised by different staff members of the chair. Each seminar topic is unique and only handed out once. Seminar papers address aspects of timely and ongoing research. For examples from past seminars, interested students may have a look at previous seminar papers.

If you have any questions please contact