Promotionsvortrag von Michael Kleis

Im Rahmen seines Promotionsverfahrens hält Herr Dipl.-Math. Michael Kleis am Montag, 30.03.2009, 11.00 Uhr, im Raum 01.07.023, MI-Gebäude, Boltzmannstr. 3 in Garching einen Vortrag zum Thema "CSP, Cooperative Service Provisioning using Peer-to-Peer Principles" Betreuer: Prof. Georg Carle


Current challenges for Internet service provisioning include incorporating an increasing number of wireless and wired network technologies, a variety of heterogeneous end user terminals and the requirements of delay and bandwidth sensitive multimedia services. There are two main obstacles for flexible media provisioning on top of today's Internet. First the end-to-end networking paradigm which is based on a service and data unaware transport, and secondly a lack of high level communication abstractions. To address the first point this thesis proposes a methodology to integrate the Network Provider into the process of service provisioning. The proposed cooperative service provisioning (CSP) demands an interaction between Service Provider, Network Provider and Client. CSP can be applied to Provider as well as Peer-to-Peer scenarios. To address the second point, the thesis adopts a Service Overlay approach. It is studied how the principle of Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) can be extended to realise a distributed control plane for a decentral and reactive creation of Service Overlays. As a prerequisite, a methodology to reduce Service Overlay related routing problems to search problems is developed. With regard to the required Quality of Service (QoS) measurements, the thesis focuses on scalable and time efficient estimation techniques. As a result, two new delay prediction schemes have been developed which improve estimation accuracy when compared to the state of the art. Furthermore, a novel approach to bandwidth estimation is investigated. It combines methods from landmark based delay estimation with a transformation step and has favourable estimation accuracy.