Gastvorträge von Hakima Chaouchi und Apostolia Papapostolou am 13.02. um 10:00

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Apostolia Papapostolou Telecom Sud Paris Termin: Freitag, den 13.02.09, 10:00 Uhr Ort:    Seminarraum 03.07.023

Talk 1: On Security in Ad Hoc Networks Abstract: Access control concerns in MANETs are very serious and considered as a crucial challenge for operators who prospects to employ unrivaled capabilities of such networks for different applications. We propose a novel hierarchical distributed AAA architecture for proactive link state routing protocols notably OLSR . This proposal contains a lightweight and secure design of an overlay authentication and authorization paradigm for mobile nodes as well as a reliable accounting system to enable operators to charge nodes based on their connection duration time. We also suggest a hierarchical distributed AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) server architecture with resource and location aware election mechanism. Moreover, this proposal mitigates the OLSR security issues  noticeably and eventually defines a node priority-based quality of service. Dr. Hakima CHAOUCHI is associate professor at the Telecommunication Institute in France. She received her PhD in 2004 in telecommunications and networking. Previously, she was a research fellow at Paris VI University, and also joined the Centre for Telecommunication Research of London (CTR) as a research associate. Her research work is related to wireless and mobile networks and Security. She was involved in European and French research projects. She is currently coordinating one of the first French projects on Internet of Things SUN (Situated and Ubiquitous Networks). She is the co-editor of the “Security in Wireless and mobile networks” book (ISTE 2009) and the “emerging wireless technologies, IEEE standard” book (Hermes 2008) and the last one coming end of 2009 on “Internet of Things”. She recently co-organized the first and the second workshop in mobile and wireless network security (MWNS 2008, MWNS 2009) and is a member of several technical program committees. Talk 2: Wife: Wireless Indoor Positioning Fingerprint based Evaluation Abstract: Location awareness of a user or device has always been considered as a key element for enhancing network performance and improving user experience by enabling innovative location-based services. In this paper, we present WIFE (Wireless Indoor positioning based on Finger- print Evaluation), a user-based location determination system which is based on the received Signal Strength (SS) received from the surrounding Access Points (APs) inside a building. We focus on a WiFi environment for its low cost and ease of deployment and study Fingerprint-based deterministic techniques for their simplicity and reduced processing time and resource requirements. We first address the inherent impairments of an indoor environment and then describe our proposed methodology for mitigating them. Apostolia Papapostolou is a second year Ph.D. candidate at the Telecom Institute in South of Paris in France. She obtained her bachelor degree from the department of Computer and Communications Engineering at the University of Thessaly (Greece) in 2006 and her Master of Science degree from the department of Mobile and Personal Communications at King's College, University of London in 2007. Her research interests include wireless and mobile networks. Her current focus is on positioning, mobility management techniques and location based services.