Christopher Palow, topic: Facebook¹s Anti-Phishing System

6.11.2014, 16:00, Interims Hörsaal 2 (Campus Garching, Boltzmannstr. 5 this talk will be held in English


Facebook prevents and mitigates many forms of abuse from a variety of actors most commonly focused on making money. Facebook's Site Integrity team combats these abuses in order to protect people using the service. This talk outlines the anti-phishing system at Facebook protecting the logins of the 1.35 billion people who visit Facebook every month. #Bio Christopher Palow leads engineering teams at Facebook's London office focused on account security. Over the past seven years Chris has focused on stopping abuse on Facebook from phishing, fake accounts, malware, and various other scams through various detection and response systems. Prior to joining Facebook Chris spent two years each at MITRE and Crossbeam Systems working on the Linux kernel in the networking stack. Chris graduated with a BS & MS from CMU.


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