Talk Internet Censorship and the Tor network

Invitation to a "TUM Informatik-Kolloquium"
Internet Censorship and the Tor network Speaker: Jacob Applebaum University of Washington Date: Tuesday, 7th of February 2012, 6:30pm Location: FMI Interimshörsaal 2(Campus Garching, Boltzmannstr. 5) This talk will be held in English

Abstract: Internet censorship as done by governments is a very real problem faced by many people all over the planet. This is a lecture about who censors and why they censor. Specifically, the talk covers how governments and corporations attempt to censor access to the Tor anonymisation network and to what lengths governments have gone to stop Tor as a way to communicate safely with the outside world. The talk will cover some real world examples that the Tor network has faced and continues to face and it will discuss deployed solutions and provide a forum for discussion of possible future developments. Speaker's bio: Jacob Appelbaum is a computer security researcher currently employed by the University of Washington. He is also a core member of the Tor project. He is a founding member of the hacklab Noisebridge in San Francisco where he indulges his interests in magnetics, cryptography and consensus based governance. He was a driving force in the team behind the creation of the Cold Boot Attacks; winning both the Pwnie for Most Innovative Research award and the Usenix Security best student paper award in 2008. Contact persons:
Christian Grothoff
phone: 089/ 289-18032
Email: grothoffnet.in.tum.de