Kolloq. Arthur Gervais, topic: Whitehat Hacks?

7 Mar 2023 11:00, 03.07.023 (MI-Building, Campus Garching)


The DeFi ecosystem has experienced rapid growth, reaching over $253 billion in total value locked in just four years. However, this growth has been accompanied by numerous attacks resulting in a loss of at least $3.24 billion. This talk will introduce a systematic approach for evaluating and comparing DeFi attacks. Using data from academic papers, audit reports, and real-world incidents, we will identify gaps between academia and the practitioners' community. We will also examine potential defenses and their effectiveness. We will provide specific use cases showcasing how dynamic and advanced current attackers are. By understanding the challenges and potential solutions in DeFi, we aim to help strengthen its security and resilience.


Arthur Gervais is a computer scientist and researcher in the field of blockchain technology. He is currently an Associate Professor of Information Security at University College London, where he leads a research group focused on improving the security and scalability of blockchain systems. Gervais has made significant contributions to the field, including his work on smart contract security, decentralized systems, and blockchain privacy. He has published numerous academic papers and has been recognized for his innovative ideas and impactful research. In addition to his academic work, Gervais is also an active advisor and speaker in the blockchain  community, and has served as a technical advisor for several blockchain startups. He continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the field of blockchain, and is dedicated to improving the overall security and usability of these systems.


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