Kolloq. Panayiotis Kolios, topic: ProximAid: Proximal adhoc networking to Aid emergency response

Monday, 3rd of July 2017, 4:00 pm FMI 03.07.023 (MI-Building, Campus Garching), talk will be held in English


After introducing the KIOS CoE and the overall vision of the center this talk will delve into a technical presentation of ProximAid. ProximAid is an innovative wireless adhoc emergency response protocol that aims to complement traditional communication means in cases of natural (fire, earthquakes) or man-made (war) disasters. Using an ad-hoc based approach introduces resilience and enables the introduction of features that are hard to get with traditional communication services. ProximAid has been implemented an as Android application that uses Wi-Fi direct to establish the ad-hoc network and run the overlay communication protocols. This work emphasizes the development of the algorithm, explains the app services, and presents challenges and future research directions.


Panayiotis Kolios received his BEng and PhD degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Kings College London in 2008 and 2011, respectively. He is currently a senior researcher at the KIOS Research Centre of the University of Cyprus, conducting both basic and applied research on networked intelligent systems. His expertise include primarily optimization for efficient monitoring and control of intelligent systems, as well as novel networking solutions for next generation applications and services.


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