IMC'17: Community Contribution Award

Community Contribution Award at IMC 2017

The publication "Mission Accomplished? HTTP Security After DigiNotar" has been awarded with the Community Contribution Award at the ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC'17). The publication is an international collaboration with Johanna Amann (ICSI), Lexi Brent (University of Sydney) and Ralph Holz (University of Sydney).

The publication takes a look at security extensions for the HTTP Eco System that have been developed after the disruptive breach of DigiNotar in 2012. The team conducted large-scale active and passive scans of the Internet to evaluate adoption, configuration and security contributions of these novel methods. These include Certificate Transparency (CT), for making the CA system auditable; HSTS and HPKP headers, to harden the HTTPS posture of a domain; the DNS-based extensions CAA and TLSA, for control over certificate issuance and pinning; and SCSV, for protocol downgrade protection.

The IMC Community Contribution Award recognized "a paper with an outstanding contribution to the community in the form of a novel dataset, source code distribution, open platform, or other noteworthy service to the community". Website of IMC'17 Awards