Implementation a browser-based Internet-connection test for crowdsourced measurement studies.


We operate a browser-based service to analyze the properties of Internet connections at ''. The service specializes on the analysis of in-path Network Address Translation and tests for the NAT port mapping behavior, NAT mapping timeout, hole-punching, and SCTP compatibility, amongst other things.

The service was created in 2011 and is based on Java-Applets, a technology which is barely supported by modern browsers, and virtually non-existent support among mobile browsers. Our goal is to reimplement the service as far as possible using modern browser technologies (i.e. JavaScript) on the client-side. In addition, we aim to develop new tests beyond NAT analysis that are not present in the existing implementation.

Open and running student theses

Author Title Type Advisors Links
Jonas Heintzenberg Browser-based Internet connection testing BA Florian Wohlfart, Oliver Gasser Pdf
Johannes Fischer Browser-based Internet connection testing MA Florian Wohlfart, Oliver Gasser Pdf